Meet Shawn,
Client Support Officer


My name is Shawn, and I was born and raised in the Philippines. I experienced financial difficulties first-hand during my undergraduate studies. Though I began studying engineering, I was unable to continue because of personal finances. However, I never let this hold me down. Instead, I worked hard and pushed for a better life. These are the experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today, and I use them to help others in similar situations.

I recently joined the Debt Busters Family as a Client Support Officer, and I’m proud to work directly with clients each day. I know firsthand just how stressful financial problems can be. Everyone has their own unique challenges and I’m here to help my clients find a path forward that works for them. I use my 8 years of customer service experience as well as my problem-solving skills to help my clients on their journey to becoming debt-free.

Working at Debt Busters allows me to use my experience and perspective to help others. Every day I work with new people and tackle new challenges. Even though some of my fellow team members are oceans apart, we still feel like one big family. My experience at Debt Busters has inspired me to continue my studies, and I hope to achieve my Bachelor’s Degree someday.

In my free time, I usually help my parents with their business, cuddle my fur baby, watch movies and listen to music. I also go to the beach whenever I can. At Debt Busters, I feel everyone has a real chance to create a brighter future.

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