Meet Mel,
Creditor Liaison Officer


Greetings! I’m Mel France Pagulong, a proud graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and currently working at Debt Busters as a Creditor Liaison Officer. In my role, I focus on obtaining debt records and details from creditors, and I adhere to the best practice of maintaining politeness and patience during phone interactions. This approach helps foster positive relationships with our clients and also all the creditors we engage with.

Before joining the Debt Busters team, I accumulated over a decade of experience in the banking and BPO industry, holding various roles such as UAT Analyst, Collection Officer I, Fraud Analyst I, MIS Specialist, Senior Auto Loan Specialist, and Credit and Loan Specialist. The wealth of knowledge and skills acquired from these roles enable me to contribute to the services that Debt Busters provides to our creditors and clients. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my work is receiving updates and feedback from clients who have experienced life-changing transformations after becoming debt-free.

Life’s journey can present challenges that lead to financial difficulties, but rest assured, we are here to support you. At Debt Busters, our mission is clear: we strive to assist clients in reclaiming financial freedom, enabling them to stand on their own feet while embracing life to the fullest. 


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