When my relationship broke up, I was left with all of the debt, and only my income to make the repayments. When the overdue notices started, I knew I had to do something to bring in more money, so I got a second job. I was working 60 hours a week, but even with the extra income, I wasn’t getting much further ahead and I was physically and mentally exhausted.

I was pushing back due dates and then suffering with late fees. I considered bankruptcy, but the idea of this felt defeating and I didn’t want to give up. I trusted that Debt Busters would be able to work something out no matter what my situation was. They made me feel confident while I waited for the decision. I asked so many questions, but I was never made to feel like a nuisance.

When Debt Busters told me that my creditors had agreed to be paid only what I could afford, I was so relieved! I turned into the glass half full kind of guy. When I first met with Debt Busters I owed my creditors a total of $76,993. I could not believe they were able to negotiate my debt down to $38,116. Everything since this day has been more achievable, and I owe that to Debt Busters and the team working on my case.

I strongly recommend anyone considering bankruptcy to reach out to Debt Busters. I thought I was a lost cause but Debt Busters helped me get back on top.

– Tomas L.

Forest Lodge, New South Wales

If you need financial assistance on dealing with an ex-partner’s debt or for expert advice when dealing with relationship breakup, please get in touch with the Debt Busters team now.