My Partner Left Me With Their Debt

Being left without someone else’s debt is always stressful. We’re here to help if you’re an ex-partner or spouse responsible for someone else’s debt.

Are you wondering, “Am I liable for my partner’s debt?” If so, the unfortunate truth is that there’s a chance that you may be. We all do crazy things when we’re in love, and that’s why it’s important to take quick action to protect yourself (and your bank account). Luckily, Debt Busters successfully helps people just like you regain their financial freedom every day.

Over the last 15 years, our experienced team has helped thousands of Australians deal with the debts left behind by a partner, and we’ll help you take a positive step forward no matter your situation. At Debt Busters, we believe everyone deserves to get their financial situation under control.

If you want to get your debts under control and start to move on with your life, please contact a friendly member of our team at Debt Busters today.

  • Can Your Partner Legally Leave You With Debt After Breakup?

    If you’re in this situation, you’re probably wondering about your legal debts after breakup. The good news is you are not legally responsible for your partner’s debt just because you had a relationship with them, whether you were married or not.

    The only way you legally are responsible for his or her debts is if you signed a loan contract as a joint borrower or guarantor. You are also responsible if you were his or her partner in a business. Even if you aren’t personally responsible for the debt, if your name is on it, you might be held accountable.

    Even if you did sign a contract with your ex-partner, you still have options. It’s important to consult with a professional as soon as possible to see what steps you should take next.

  • Financial Steps to Take After Separating

    Once you separate from your ex, there are some financial steps you should take to protect yourself. It’s important to make sure you separate your finances and keep your money safe.

    • Bank accounts – If you have any joint accounts, you will need to close or separate them. It’s a smart idea to separate the money based on who contributed what or to use these funds to pay for joint debts.
    • Joint loans – Many partners have joint loans, such as a car loan or a mortgage. Start by notifying the lender of your separation. You’ll need to arrange for the statements to be sent to a single contact or address. Keep a copy of all correspondence.
    • Credit cards – In the case of joint credit cards, it’s a good idea to pay what’s owed. If you’re unable to pay in full, contact your lender and let them know about the separation. You can request the lender to stop increasing the credit limit on the account, and you can cancel any cards that your ex might still be in possession of.
    • Utilities – Contact your provider to disconnect or transfer any telephone, electric, gas, and water accounts if you plan to move out.
    • Rent – Finally, if you and your partner were renting together and are on the same lease, contact your landlord about your options. You might be able to be released from your rental agreement. If not, you’ll still be liable for the rent even if you move out.

    In an ideal world, all of these things above will be easily settled between ex-partners. In reality, things are rarely so black and white. If you’re unable to communicate with your partner after a separation, it’s important that you take steps to make sure your credit and financial future aren’t at risk.

    This becomes even more serious if your ex-partner is unable to keep up with their debts and chooses to file bankruptcy. Their bankruptcy might help them in the moment, but it won’t help you unless you also file. The creditors can then pursue you for the remaining funds.

    Ultimately, you need to be very careful with how you handle your next steps after a breakup. Even if you and your ex talked about how you’d deal with money and debt after a breakup, it’s still smart to take preventative action. Your credit rating is too important to risk!

  • Debt After Breakup: How Debt Busters Can Help

    How can Debt Busters help with dealing with your partner’s debt after a breakup? We have years of experience helping people navigate this difficult time. We’ll do our best to get you back on your feet so you can focus on healing yourself without worrying about your financial future.

    Debt Busters can:

    • Communicate with creditors on your behalf
    • Help to stop debt collection calls to prevent legal action and bankruptcy
    • Assist with closing accounts and removing authorised users
    • Protect your credit score by talking to your lenders
    • Create a plan for separating your partner’s finances and debt

    Our proven solutions will make a positive impact on your debt, no matter your situation.

    Fighting a battle with debt on your own can be too challenging for most people to face, especially after a breakup. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way, no matter what your financial situation looks like.

    There are a lot of debt options that are available to you that you might not know about:

    We understand the obstacles that debts can bring to one’s life and have developed proven action-based methods to relieve the financial burdens that relationship breakups can face. Whether you’re dealing with debt after divorce or debt after break up, your partner’s debt doesn’t have to keep you down.

    If you’d like to see one of the many examples of how Debt Busters has helped people across Australia, read Tomas’s story. For financial stability and a better quality of life, call Debt Busters now on 1300 368 332. After a breakup, there’s no time to waste. Take a positive step against your partner’s debt today.

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