With our negotiation specialists on your side, we may be able to reduce your total debt repayment by up to 80%. We’ve helped many of our clients get back on their feet with our debt negotiation services. Our debt negotiators deal with hundreds of creditors on an ongoing basis, so we know the approval process required to get negotiations accepted quickly and without hassle.

How It Works

A debt negotiation involves Debt Busters contacting your credit providers on your behalf in order to reach a mutually agreeable arrangement. Depending on your lender, you might be able to settle the debt for a lump sum amount that’s less than what you currently owe. Alternatively, your lender might agree to different terms, or a lower interest rate.

Here are the most common arrangements proposed to creditors:

  • Additional time to repay your debt;
  • Reduced payment in a lump sum;
  • Ongoing reduced payments;
  • Interest waived temporarily;
  • Debt forgiveness.

In order to apply for debt negotiation, you will need to:

Be 18 or over
Be an Australian resident
Provide documentation
(ID, passport, driver’s license)
Share some information
about your financial situation

How Debt Busters Can Help

We may be able to reduce your total debt repayment by up to 80%. You don’t have to worry about creditors contacting you or dealing with the creditors yourself. We take over the hard stuff, so you can focus on paying back what you can, and working toward your financial freedom.

Contact us today or call a member of our team on 1300 368 332 for a confidential discussion regarding your financial situation and how we can help.