When I found Debt Busters, I was 5 days away from going bankrupt. I had given up all hope and they were literally my last call for help. A legal team had already been lined up by one of my creditors to take me into bankruptcy and a friend of mine recommended that I call Debt Busters.

It began when I first started to slip behind on my payments, one creditor at a time. Once I was behind I found it even harder to catch up because of the default interest and dishonour fees. It got to the point where I totally lost control of my finances.

I was not only fighting the financial battles, but the mental battle of keeping positive was extremely difficult. I have never felt so stressed. Everything I had worked so hard to own over the years was in jeopardy.

Debt Busters moved heaven and earth to help me, and I will be eternally grateful for them. When the news came through that my debt agreement had been approved, I couldn’t believe it. I originally had $75,379 in debt, and they reduced my repayment to $55,269.50.

Debt Busters made it possible for me to get not only my finances, but my entire life back on track. The whole team at Debt Busters put their heart and soul into saving me from bankruptcy. I can now focus on reducing my debt each day and working towards other goals I have.

I’m not scared to answer my phone any more because thanks to Debt Busters, my debts have all been taken care of.

– David S.

Torbanlea, Queensland

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