About Us

For more than 15 years, we’ve helped our clients get back on their feet and saved them more than $68.9 million dollars in debt repayments.

We believe you shouldn’t have to feel hopeless or powerless about your financial problems. As trusted debt relief specialists, our goal is to help you feel financially free, so you can live life with confidence.

That’s why we offer financial management and debt-relief solutions that deliver real results for you.

We recognise everyone is unique with individual financial challenges. No matter what your circumstances, our personalised solutions help you to take control of your finances – and your future – for good.

Financial freedom starts with taking positive action. It’s time to take control.

  • Our Promise

    At Debt Busters, we see the possibilities in every situation– no matter what your circumstances. We know that financial peace of mind starts with taking positive action and we have the focus and expertise to help you.

    Our professional and caring staff, proven systems and efficient processes liberate people from their financial burdens – giving them the confidence to improve their lives and their financial future.

    Our promise is the commitment we make to you, it defines what you can expect from us, and it’s what we stand for.

    We promise to fight for your financial freedom.

  • Our Values

    Diversity – We believe in the uniqueness, individuality and differences in people and their situations.

    Fairness – We believe everyone deserves a fair go.

    Action – We believe that positive action achieves positive results.

  • Our Personality

    Trustworthy – We have integrity and always work in the best interest of our clients

    Empathetic – We understand and deeply care about people

    Knowledgeable – We know how to take action and lead

    Responsible – We take ownership of situations

    Optimistic – We see the positive in every situation

  • Our founders

    A shared passion for helping people saw Simon and Wei establish Debt Busters more than 14 years ago. They believe that everyone deserves a fighting financial chance.

    About Simon

    Simon wants Debt Busters to make a difference in people’s lives. After working in finance broking for credit impaired clients, Simon wanted to help people in even more challenging financial situations. When he’s not helping people to achieve financial freedom, he loves cycling and indulging his sweet tooth (but not at the same time).

    About Wei

    With a background in marketing and customer service Wei relishes helping people in challenging financial situations. He believes that bigger challenges lead to bigger achievements. When he’s not fighting the good fight for his clients, Wei loves reading, gaming and enjoys all the culinary delights that life has to offer.

  • Work with us

    If you’re passionate about helping people overcome their financial burden, then join one of Australia’s most trusted partners for financial freedom.

    We know that a better quality of life starts with taking positive action. We are committed to relieving, educating and advocating better personal financial management so people can live life with confidence.

    We offer a great work-life balance with alternating shifts between our opening hours of 8am to 7pm. Other benefits include a casual dress code and a relaxed work environment.

    We are a very dynamic workplace and we embrace curiosity, change and failure.

    Current open positions in Sydney:

    • Debt Management Consultant

    When you are ready to be a part of our journey, email us at contact@debtbusters.com.au with your resume and cover letter to begin the application process.

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Debt Busters is an Australian owned business which was founded in 2005 - since then we have been able to help thousands regain financial control.

Debt Busters prides itself on providing a dedicated Client Service Manager to work closer with you and provide a higher level of customised service about your situation.