Meet Louise,
Debt Management Consultant


My journey has woven a tapestry of diverse experiences and passions, and at the core of it all is a genuine commitment to making a positive impact to the lives of those in need. With a background in disability services, I bring a deep sense of purpose to my work.

As a single mom, resilience and determination are not just words to me – they are a way of life. My family is the heartbeat of everything I do, and their support fuels my dedication to helping others navigate their financial challenges here at Debt Busters.

Beyond the realm of finance, I’m a fervent permaculture enthusiast, nurturing my garden and advocating for ecological harmony. Yes, I proudly wear the title of “crazy chicken lady” and find joy in caring for my feathered companions. My quirky pursuits extend to the world of literature, where I immerse myself in the pages of my favourite books, seeking inspiration and adventure.

In every facet of my life, whether it’s in my role as a mother, my love for permaculture, my passion for rugby (union, not league!), or my devotion to my feathered friends, I embody the values of compassion, curiosity, and unwavering commitment. At Debt Busters, I am not just a Debt Management Consultant; I am a compassionate guide dedicated to helping you find financial freedom and peace of mind.

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