My financial hardship began when I lost my business and became personally liable for the associated debt.  I didn’t intend to fall short on my repayments and I definitely never intended to lose my business. It was keeping me up at night — I was so worried about how I would make ends meet for my family and I didn’t want to let my wife down.

Admitting I was in financial trouble was the first step. At first I thought reaching out for help was embarrassing, I thought no one would sympathise with me and I was ashamed that I had let it come to this. I have a beautiful wife and three gorgeous children to look after and I kind of felt like I’d let them down.

I am so glad I found Debt Busters when I did. They not only helped me understand this thinking was destructive; it also wasn’t fair on the people I loved. I realise that reaching out to Debt Busters was the best decision I could have made for me, my marriage and my family. They didn’t make me feel judged or embarrassed. Their guidance was honest, caring and made me feel like I could trust them.

Thanks to the help of the understanding and supportive team at Debt Busters, they were able to negotiate on my behalf a payment plan that I could actually manage. I had a total of $44,538 outstanding debt and they brought down my repayment total to $19,136.

“My wife and I couldn’t have achieved what we did without the help of Debt Busters. Their knowledge and support at a time where we had almost lost all hope will never be forgotten. They have given us a second chance and for that we are truly grateful”.

– Timothy E.

Caboolture, Queensland.

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