Rejected Debt Agreements

My debt agreement has been rejected. What should I do?


We believe that everyone deserves a second chance at getting their debt under control. If your debt agreement has been rejected, you still have options.

Debt Busters can help you re-submit your debt agreement to your creditors, giving you a second chance at financial freedom. Have a look below to see how we can help you today.

  • What happens if my debt agreement proposal was rejected? 

    Even if your debt agreement proposal was rejected in the past, it is still possible to submit a new proposal. Perhaps your circumstances have changed or there is additional information that would allow your creditors to reconsider your situation. We will seek to understand your full situation and let you know quickly if a new proposal with us would be successful.

  • How it works

    We have long-standing relationships with creditors. Our positive reputation and experience gives you a fighting chance.

    As your new Debt Agreement Administrator, Debt Busters will leverage our respected position to ask your creditors to reconsider your debt agreement proposal.

  • How can Debt Busters get me a different result?

    The administrator you choose can have a big impact on your debt agreement outcome. Debt Busters has extensive experience preparing debt agreement proposals. Creditors know and trust us, this gives us the credibility needed to re-propose your previously rejected Debt Agreement Proposal. There is no guarantee, however you will get a second chance to pay off your debt with one simple affordable repayment.

    With over 10 years of experience, Debt Busters have built a highly respected reputation in the credit and debt agreement industry. We’ve been assisting our clients with debt relief solutions and our experience is reassuring to creditors and debtors alike.

    So, don’t stress if your debt agreement has been rejected. Let the experienced team at Debt Busters help you today. Request a call now and we’ll be in touch shortly with an array of helpful debt agreement advice and solutions.

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