My husband and I both went through a period of unemployment and were struggling to maintain our existing payments to creditors. We had just moved to a new area, were looking for work and the bills just kept piling up.

Slowly but surely, we started getting contacted by various debt collectors chasing us for payments. The anxiety and worry started to take over a lot of my thoughts and it was hard to focus on finding employment.

From the outset, we felt that Debt Busters were the best option we had. After sitting down with them, we worked out that we owed $62,433, and they helped us reduce our debt amount to $25,497.

Now we can focus on finding employment, whilst being able to support our children and each other. We were in such a stressful place and we are glad as a couple we were able to pull through with the help of Debt Busters.

We found Debt Busters extremely professional but also very friendly. The topic of personal debt is a very embarrassing one, so it was important for us to be able to feel comfortable and trust that they had our best interest at heart.

– Karen S.

Beaconsfield, Queensland

If you’re wondering “how do I get back on my feet after I’ve lost my job?” Debt Busters are here to help. Please get in touch with us now to begin your journey towards financial stability.