Meet Reuben,
Debt Management Consultant


I’m a Debt Management Consultant at Debt Busters, where I bring a diverse background in youth development, international sports representation, and a decade in the disability industry providing rehab and mobility solutions. Since moving from New Zealand in 2013, I’ve been passionate about personal development, and as a husband and father, I believe in helping everyone pursue their potential for the best version of life.

In my role, I offer clients a non-judgmental and safe space, instilling hope, an optimistic outlook, and determination for a brighter financial future. What I appreciate most about working at Debt Busters is the alignment of values, particularly the emphasis on Action. I firmly believe that while acceptance and fairness are crucial, positive action is what truly drives change.

On a personal note, I’m a family man with four wonderful children, enjoying their varied interests from sports and music to beach outings and movie nights. Health and fitness are important to me, and I kickstart my day with a morning gym session. Balancing social interactions with moments of solitude is my key to a fulfilling life. As the youngest of three brothers, I look up to both of them as my heroes.

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