Meet MK,
Chief Operating Officer


I was born and raised in Estonia, which is a small country of just one million people in North-Eastern Europe. And yes, that makes me one in a million

My name Mairis is also Estonian, and the reason I go with my initials MK is just to make it easier for you to pronounce and remember.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Estonian Business School. During those years I spent three summers in the United States, participating in a student exchange program where we sold educational books door to door to American families. This program helped me learn so much about myself and I absolutely loved the feeling of being able to help people and have a positive effect on someone’s life.

In Estonia, I worked in customer service and subsequently gained my master’s degree in Finance Management. I worked as a financial controller for a while but missed human interaction and the feeling of making a difference in someone’s life.

I never liked the cold North-Eastern European weather nor the job I was doing at the time, so I was ready for another challenge. That’s when I moved to Australia and I have worked in Debt Busters ever since. Debt Busters welcomed me to Australia with open arms. I have loved my time here and will continue to try and make a difference in people’s lives, one by one.

At Debt Busters, I joined as a Debt Management Consultant in 2017 and have worked in various roles since. Over the many years here, I have gained extensive knowledge of all facets of the organisation and today I am the Chief Operating Officer, looking after the day-to-day functions, making new connections and leading Debt Busters to become the most trusted debt relief provider in Australia.

When I’m not fighting debt, I love to explore our beautiful Australian nature, discover new countries and their cuisines, exercise, and spend time with my friends, loved ones, and my adorable pup, Zeus.

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