Meet Paul,
Debt Management Consultant


I’m Paul, a debt management consultant with Debt Busters. Though I now live in Australia, I was born and raised in Lancashire, UK. Prior to working in debt assistance, I first worked as a Civil Engineering Works Coordinator and also as a Youth Apprenticeship Trainer. This gave me a lot of experience in working with people from all walks of life.

While in the UK, I started working in debt assistance. This is an industry that I’ve loved for the past 15 plus years. More importantly, I get to help people and actually make their life better every day. It’s the best feeling when I get a client saying they’re glad they called us. Now, they’re free to live and enjoy life without the stress of overwhelming debts.

Outside of work, I am a husband and a dad of 2 young boys. I know firsthand how hard it can be to juggle life with a family! Just don’t get me started talking about sports—we may end up talking for hours! Since making the move ‘down under’ 10 years ago, I’ve also enjoyed discovering what this beautiful country has to offer.

At Debt Busters, I love working as a team to get the best possible outcome for our customers and will always go above and beyond, to fight to resolve your debts. I believe it’s important to be fair with both customers and creditors to get the best possible outcome for all.

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