Meet TJ,
Creditor Liaison Officer


Hello there! I’m TJ, a born and raised Manila local with a Business Administration degree, specialising in Finance. With a rich professional background spanning over 7 years across three different industries, I found my way to the fantastic team at Debt Busters. Before joining this incredible crew, I served as an IT administrator, handling client account concerns, and later worked in a government institution offering financial services, including house mortgages.

Being a Creditor Liaison Officer at Debt Busters is more than just a job – it’s a heartfelt experience. I’m genuinely passionate about financial freedom and view helping people break free from debt as a personal mission. I’ve faced my own share of financial challenges due to unforeseen circumstances, and overcoming that tough period was possible with the support of both divine grace and the wonderful people around me.

Here at Debt Busters, our commitment to helping people isn’t just a mission statement; it’s a way of life. Witnessing clients transform from feeling overwhelmed to embracing life with newfound enthusiasm is what makes every day here truly special.

Beyond my dedication to financial empowerment, I find joy in a variety of activities. Whether it’s enjoying a food or road trip with family, playing with my dog, diving into mobile and computer games, drumming, hitting the gym, or showcasing my culinary skills, I make sure to find time for it all. As a Christian, I actively contribute to our local community church as a musician, ensuring that work-life balance isn’t just a phrase but a reality. Yes sir, I’ve got it all covered with a friendly and professional touch!

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