Meet Tracey,
Debt Management Consultant


Hi, I’m Tracey. I’m a Debt Management Consultant at Debt Busters. I’ve spent the majority of my life living in regional Victoria. Throughout my career, I’ve always found joy in helping others. I began my career with over 15 years of working in a supermarket. Though I had risen to a management position, I knew it was time for a change. This is how I discovered the world of financial wellbeing.

Listening to my clients’ stories have really touched me, and it has been really important for me to find ways to help. When I find a solution that makes a real difference in someone’s life, I know I have made a positive impact. After 7 years working in this financial space, I discovered an opening at Debt Busters. I was drawn to the team’s honesty and values. Becoming a Debt Management Consultant at Debt Busters has been a great fit and enabled me to spread my wings. I’ve loved every day of being in this role.

With Debt Busters, I use my compassion, understanding, and essential life experiences to help my clients create stronger financial plans. Everyone deserves a second chance and to feel heard. I strive to be that person in everyone’s corner to fight for them. As a mum of four kids and netball coach, I bring this positive, supportive energy to every client experience. 


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