Meet Judy Anne,
Creditor Liaison Officer


Hi, my name is Judy Anne. I work as a Creditor Liaison Officer at Debt Busters. Not only do I help obtain debt records on behalf of our clients, but I also establish a strong, positive work relationship with creditors. I’m lucky to work with such a skilled and talented team.

I live in the Pearl of the Orient Sea, also known as the Philippines. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance in 2016, so I’ve always had an interest in the world of finance. Just days after graduation, I landed my first corporate job at a local bank. I’ve since been in the finance industry for over 5 years, primarily working in credit, collection, and consumer banking. 

While working in banking, I became a Credit and Collection Analyst. My role was to perform credit processing support while evaluating collection strategies. I’ve always been interested in helping consumers understand and navigate their own debt. This led to my eagerness to expand as a credit analyst beyond banking and into different financial institutions. Ultimately, I joined the team at Debt Busters to continue helping others in a new way. 

I see firsthand how Debt Busters helps people reach their own financial goals. We make a real impact in our clients’ lives, and it’s a value I hold closely in my own life. I believe that financial difficulties should never define you. You’re always in charge of your future. 

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