Meet Andrew,
Debt Management Consultant


My name is Andrew Hubbard and I’ve been a debt management consultant at Debt Busters since 2018.

Over the last decade, I have worked in many different fields of finance ranging from stockbroking to debt collection, but those roles didn’t feel like they were the right fit for me. Sometimes I even felt conflicted with what I was doing. That was until I started working at Debt Busters. Working as a debt management consultant has allowed me to use the analytical and problem-solving skills that have helped me excel in my previous roles, but in a context that aligns with my core values.

Now, I get to do meaningful work every day that actually makes a difference in people’s lives. I was born and raised in the lower-income areas of Western Sydney so I’m able to draw on my experience in overcoming financial challenges when guiding my clients on their own journey to becoming debt-free.

I pride myself on having an empathetic, non-judgemental ear for my clients to confide their financial struggles. I will offer you the best possible advice no matter what your situation is. If you’re having a hard time with your debts, I implore you to have a chat with me. You have so much to gain from a quick phone call.

When I’m away from work, I am a MASSIVE music nerd and have been playing different instruments since I was a kid. There is nothing I enjoy more than catching a gig or chilling to a few records 🙂