I’ve Received a Legal Notice & Don’t Know What to Do Next

If you’ve received a legal notice, it can be scary to determine what to do next. 

Take care of your legal notice once and for all with our expert assistance.

If you’ve been unaware of the situation of your debt and have unexpectedly received a debt collection letter or legal notice, Debt Busters are here to help you today. Like most Australians facing a legal debt notice, you’re looking for the right path to take in this difficult situation.

Debt Busters has over 15 years of experience and our team members are dedicated to finding you the perfect solution for your unique circumstances. Whatever your situation may be, we’ll keep fighting for you to have a brighter financial future. Find out how we helped David handle his court judgement to protect him from bankruptcy.

If you’ve received a debt collection letter, legal notice, or court judgement and want to get a repayment plan in place, please contact a friendly member of our team today. You have options.

  • What Is a Legal Notice of Debt?

    Legal notice of debt is a formal letter or notice from your creditor or a debt collector that you need to pay a certain amount. This will be accompanied by a due date for paying that amount.

    If you fail to make a payment or reach some solution during this time, court proceedings will be started. A legal notice of debt is not from the court. It’s from your lender or a debt collector.

    A debt collector is either a person, a service provider (like your credit card company) or from a debt collection agency. If your account is in default (ie. you fail to make payments for a period of time), your lender might sell your debt to a debt collector who will attempt to reclaim it from you.

    Debt collectors have restrictions for how they’re able to contact you. They can only call during limited hours, and they’re not to seek you out face-to-face unless you don’t respond by any other means. It’s important to keep a record of all your interactions and messaging with debt collectors to ensure they’re following the law.

    However, if you receive a court judgement notice, not a collections or debt letter, seek expert help immediately. If you fail to take action, a judgement might be filed against you. These are more serious and call for professional help.

  • How Can You Be Proactive About a Debt Notice?

    If you receive a notice of debt from a lender or debt collector, don’t panic. While you need to act quickly, you do have options.

    First, check all of the information on the notice. Review the following to make sure it’s correct:

    • Your name
    • The amount of debt
    • The type of debt
    • The date your payment is due

    If you disagree with anything on the notice, contact your lender. Ask for a detailed statement of any funds owed, and check this with your own records.

    The best way to be proactive about a debt notice is to take action. You might be able to dispute the notice (if it’s not correct) or even negotiate with the creditor. You don’t have to face this debt notice alone. Contact the experts at Debt Busters for individual assistance.

  • Should You Answer a Debt Collection Letter?

    Don’t begin answering a debt collection letter without a plan or the help of an expert.

    You have several options for answering a debt collection letter:

    • Dispute the claim – If you don’t think you owe what’s listed or the full amount, file a dispute with your lender. Contact them immediately upon receiving any notice of debt, and make sure you’re prepared with your own records and bank statements.
    • Hardship options – There are many hardship programs and assistance options for those who qualify. Depending on the lender and type of debt, it’s worth asking about any possible hardship programs if you’re in a temporary financial setback.
    • Pay in full – If you can afford to, the easiest way to get out from under a debt notice is to simply pay your debt in full.
    • Negotiation – Finally, if you’re unable to pay your debt in full, you can negotiate with your lender. The lender might work with you to decide on a payment plan, extended repayment period, or a lump sum payment that works for you.

    No matter which option you’re considering, Debt Busters can help. Our team can negotiate with your lender on your behalf, freeing you from having to deal with dreaded debt collectors.

    The only action you shouldn’t take is no action. Don’t hesitate to speak to a professional about the best path for you. Tackling your debt notice sooner rather than later will prevent the problem from escalating.

  • How We Can Help?

    If you receive a legal notice of debt, you have options. Navigating these decisions can be tricky, especially if you’re not sure what’s best for you.

    Why choose us if you’ve received a debt notice?

    • Freeing you from debt is our main priority
    • We have over 15 years of experience in this area
    • We’ll arrange the best repayment plan possible
    • We know exactly how to help someone in your situation
    • Our team will handle all communication with the courts and creditors

    Don’t let a debt collection letter get in the way of a brighter future.

    While a debt letter might seem confusing and scary, keep calm. Turn to experienced professionals who can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

    No matter how much you owe, our team will fight for you to get a repayment plan that has your best interests at heart. We’ll always go through every viable option when you’ve received a debt collection letter or legal notice.

    The 3 most common solutions our clients proceed with include: debt agreements, credit counselling, and debt negotiation. We’ll work with you to determine the best path for your situation. A brighter financial future is closer than you think.

    For professional help taking back control of your finances after a legal notice, call Debt Busters now at 1300 368 332.

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