• Who To Pay First When You Owe Everyone

    Choosing who to pay first can be an exhausting juggling act. If you have a number of credit cards, a car loan, unpaid utility bills, and debts with family or

  • 7 Characteristics Of Debt Free People

    Debt-free people are not an urban myth. Do you notice that whenever you go out for dinner with friends there is always someone in the group who proactively volunteers to

  • What Are the Best Ways to Use Credit Cards?

    Did you know there’s a “right” and a “wrong” way to use credit cards? It’s true, and too many people find themselves relying on credit cards for the “wrong” things.

  • 5 Tips For Dealing With Debt Collectors

    Getting behind on paying off your bills and loans can become quite stressful and embarrassing for many. The longer your bills go unpaid, the more interest it collects and the

  • 8 Tips On How To Reduce Debt

    We live in a debt driven economy and it is not unusual to see people seeking help to eliminate and reduce debt. Of course, it is not just individuals but

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