• Tips for Overcoming Money Issues in a Relationship

    Before entering into marriage or a partnership, most people assume that infidelity, lack of commitment or even unreasonable behaviour will be the relationship killer. From our experience, it's usually the

  • Marriage and Finances: How To Combine Finances After The Wedding

    Saying “I do” is just the beginning. This is the start of your new life as a married couple, and it’s normal to be both excited and nervous about this

  • Divorce Finances: Financial Dos and Don’ts

    When you’re facing a divorce, you experience a drain on all areas of your life. It takes patience and planning to come out on the other side. In the moment,

  • Overspending On Gifts? 5 Ideas To Spend Quality Time With Your Family Instead!

    There’s a lot of pressure to have the latest and greatest everything today. From tech gadgets to new toys, this pressure extends to parents who feel they need to overspend

  • Breaking Up Is Hard, Especially When Money Is Involved

    Breaking up is hard to do, especially when money’s involved. In a long-term partnership or marriage, there’s bound to be an intertwining of finances, and it can be a messy

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