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We’ll help you navigate through tough court judgements.

If you’ve received a judgement debt and you’re not sure what to do, Debt Busters can help you move forward with your life.

We’ve helped our clients navigate their way to safety after a court judgement. Let us help you get the support you need to handle your judgement.

  • What is a judgement debt?

    If you fall behind on your payments with creditors or individuals, they can apply for a court order (judgement debt) that requires you to pay your debt.

    The creditor has up to 12 years to collect the judgement debt from you and you may be liable to pay for their legal costs.

  • What are my options?

    A court judgement allows your creditors to take further legal action such as an enforcement hearing or garnishee order where your financial position will be scrutinised and your wages reduced. They may even proceed with bankruptcy against you.

    It’s time to take positive action. We know your situation is unique so we’ll listen to you and tailor the best debt solution that works for you.

    Debt Busters can help with:

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