Cheap Destinations For Snow Sport Lovers

Are you looking to chill out this winter without breaking the bank? Snow sport holidays have a reputation for being expensive, especially if you check the prices of some of the top ski resorts. Experiencing the fun of snow sports is a dream for many families in Australia, but you shouldn’t have to worry about expensive ski accommodations and lift passes to make the most of the winter season. 

The good news is there are many cheap destinations for snow sport lovers who are ready to venture into the icy air! In this guide, we’re highlighting some of the top cheap destinations for snow sport lovers. Though less expensive, they’re still just as worthwhile. 

Selwyn Snow Resort, NSW

First, one of the newest snow resorts is also the most affordable. Opening in 2023 for the first time since 2020, it’s now bigger and better than ever. With the latest in snow machine technology, this might be one of the best spots to enjoy the winter season. 

Snow play passes start at only $25 per person, making this an affordable place to get outside. Whether you’re skiing or enjoying Australia’s largest toboggan park, this is a top attraction in NSW.

Corin Forest, ACT

One of the closest snowfields to Sydney, Corin Forest is an accessible, easy-to-enjoy snowfield. Because it’s so close to Sydney, you don’t need to carry any chains on your car to get there. You can even hire gear, saving you even more on expensive equipment. 

Perfect for younger kids and first-time snow-goers, you’ll find ski lessons, alpine slides, and toboggan fields at Corin Forest. Located in the Gibraltar Valley, discover why this is a must-visit destination for snow lovers. 

Barrington Tops, NSW

Another NSW place to explore is Barrington Tops. This national park is actually listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, so it’s worth a visit for its unique sights in itself. 

While not known for skiing, there are plenty of other unique snow sports here like bushwalking, camping, and snow-mobile riding. All of these are a lot more accessible and affordable than the well-known ski resorts in NSW.

Mount Buller, Victoria

It comes as no surprise that Mount Buller is on this list with its close location to Melbourne. Australia’s most popular ski resort, it has over 22 ski lifts operated daily during the winter season. While costs can get high during busy travel times, you can snag a great deal here if you’re a bit creative. 

You can easily find special offers throughout the year, such as letting kids stay and play for free. Discover for yourself why Mount Buller is considered an all-in-one holiday destination.

Bonus: Travel Abroad

Another option you might not have considered is to travel outside of Australia for inexpensive snow sports. If you’re close to VIC or NSW, of course, there are already so many options at your doorstep. Otherwise, a trip overseas might actually be a more budget-friendly option. 

For example, New Zealand has a lot of inexpensive snow sport resorts, and these can be closer and cheaper depending on where you live. Alternatively, make a larger trip out of it by exploring a holiday in Japan that boasts some of the best snow spots in the world. As always, it’s important to be open-minded to find the best deals.

Tips for an Inexpensive Snow Sport Holiday

Lastly, let’s explore some of the must-follow tips for an inexpensive holiday for snow sport lovers. There’s something magical about a getaway in the snow, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. Try these tips for yourself:

  • Consider your accommodation: Whether you opt for all-inclusive or budget-friendly, there are a lot of alternatives nowadays when it comes to your family’s accommodation. Luckily, there are so many coupon websites that extend special discounts even for hotels and resorts. 
  • Shop secondhand for gear: Snow gear can be quite the expense, and it’s hard to stomach paying so much on something you’ll only use a handful of times. Instead, shop secondhand or ask friends and family if they have any gear you can borrow.
  • Skip the ski lift: Another way to save big is to skip the ski lift altogether. While skiing is fun, it’s not the only way to enjoy snow sports. Cross-country skiing, tobogganing, skating, and hiking are all other fun ways to enjoy the great outdoors without the staggering cost of a ski lift ticket. 

Bundle Up for Savings with these Cheap Destinations

Now that you know the best places to save big this winter, it’s time to hit the slopes (or sleds!) with the whole family. Everyone should enjoy the magic of fresh snow, and that’s never been easier thanks to these accommodating options. 

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