Meet Angelo,
Financial Assistance Coordinator


Greetings! I’m Angelo, one of the Financial Assistance Coordinators at Debt Busters, specialising in negotiating payment plans with creditors.

While my professional background in the Philippines is rooted in education, the majority of my corporate career has been dedicated to the financial industry. Over a year ago, I became a proud member of the Debt Busters family, a decision that has proven to be both wonderful and beautiful.

Having heard numerous stories about the stress that money problems can bring, I find immense satisfaction in being part of a team that is dedicated to helping people regain their financial footing. Our shared objective with Debt Busters is clear – we are here to assist our customers in achieving financial freedom and getting back on their feet.

What makes Debt Busters truly special to me is the sense of acceptance and inclusivity in our workplace. I’ve experienced it firsthand, and if you decide to reach out to us for assistance, you too can feel the support and lack of judgement that defines our approach.

I look forward to the opportunity to work together and guide you towards a path of financial recovery and empowerment.

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