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Karen S.

Beaconsfield, Queensland

We were in such a stressful place but we were able to pull through with the help of Debt Busters.

My husband and I both went through a period of unemployment. We had just moved to a new area, were looking for work and the bills just kept piling up.

Debt Busters were the best option we had. We worked out that we owed $62,433, and they helped us reduce our debt amount to $25,497.

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Inderdeep S.

Kalkallo, Victoria

I am free to focus on my family and career since Debt Busters took over the stress of my debts.

I faced a number of challenges that were out of my control. I struggled to pay for my family’s living expenses on top of our debt repayments.

Thanks to the Debt Busters’ negotiation team, my total debt was significantly reduced from $99,572 to $42,867. My debt-free journey is supercharged.

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Tomas L.

Forest Lodge, New South Wales

Everything since this day has been more achievable, and I owe that to the Debt Busters team.

When my relationship broke up, I was left with all of the debt. I thought I was a lost cause but Debt Busters helped me get back on top.

I was working 60 hours a week, and owed my creditors a total of $76,993. I could not believe Debt Busters were able to negotiate my debt down to $38,116.

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