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Debt Busters

See how Debt Busters can help you

Break The Payday Lending Cycle

It’s easy to take out a short term loan for an unforseen need these days, but it’s even easier for this debt to snowball into a bigger problem. Perhaps you’ve taken out a second or even third loan to help pay off the first.

Before you know it, you’re struggling to cover your everyday costs in order to make your repayments. We can help you break the payday lending cycle with a tailored plan for your situation. This may include consolidating your loans into one, or a structured and affordable payment arrangement between you and your creditors. It’s time to take control!

Debt Busters can help you take the right steps to reduce and eliminate your debts with a customised solution.

Handle Your Overdue Accounts

Are your overdue accounts piling up? Perhaps you’ve lost your job or have had an illness in the family. Whether you’re struggling to make the payments on your mortgage, credit card bills or personal loans, there are ways to get back in control.

Debt Busters will take the time to understand your situation and tailor an action plan with you. Depending on what’s right for your circumstances we could help you change the terms of your loan with your creditors, arrange a short term loan to cover your payments or consolidate your debts. Taking action now will stop a small problem becoming a much larger one.

Debt Busters will listen to your circumstances and provide a range of options to help you get back in control of your payments.


Consolidate Your Credit Card Debt

More Australians are relying on credit cards than ever before, and with that comes the common problem of credit card debt. Are you paying off multiple cards with high interest rates and finding it tough to cover payments?

There are better ways to pay off loans without suffering. We’ve helped thousands of Australians eliminate their credit card debt with manageable solutions including debt consolidation. By combining your debts into one easy regular payment, you could pay much less over the full term and also be debt-free much sooner. Why wait any longer to break free of the credit card trap?

Debt Busters can help you pay off your credit card debts with a tailored solution to suit your individual situation.

Refinance Your Personal Loans

Many Australians find themselves with personal loans that they are unable to control. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be able to find a better deal that lets you pay off your loans with more achievable terms.

If you’re struggling to pay off your personal loans, you could be damaging your credit rating and, as a result, your options in the future. Debt Busters can help you to cover an upcoming payment or to consolidate your debts through a personal loan or mortgage refinance. We could also help to rearrange the terms of your payments with your creditors.

Debt Busters can help you meet your obligations and to refinance your loans at a more manageable rate.

Save Your House Or Car From Repossession

Worried that you’re about to lose your home or your car due to missed payments? Whether you’ve recently lost your job or have long-standing debts that you can’t pay off, there are ways to protect your important assets.

The sooner you take action, the better the result is likely to be. Debt Busters can help you to consolidate your debts through a personal loan or a mortgage refinance. We can also renegotiate the terms of your loans with creditors on your behalf to release you from the pressure of outstanding payments and allow you to pay off debts at a more reasonable pace.

Debt Busters provides assistance with a number of solutions that could be put in place to protect your credit file and assets.

Professional Debt Relief Help is at Hand

Sick of worrying about your finances? Feeling stressed and trapped by debt?

You don’t need to feel this way. For more than 10 years Debt Busters has been assisting thousands of Australians with reliable debt relief help and debt management services. As trusted financial specialists, our debt management advice can develop an affordable and manageable plan to get you back on track.

With help from a debt relief service, you can put a stop to:

  • Late and final payment notices
  • Harassing phone calls from creditors or debt collectors
  • Defaults and judgments
  • Credit card and personal loan arrears
  • Mortgage arrears
  • Eviction notices
  • Sheriffs or bailiffs knocking on your door
  • Potential bankruptcy


Imagine no longer feeling anxious or tense about your financial situation. From credit card debt help to fast debt help for potential bankruptcy, our debt management solutions can help you free yourself from the stresses of financial hardship.


About Us

Debt Busters are focused and committed to relieving, educating and advocating better personal financial management – so people can live life with confidence

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Providing Expert Credit Card Debt Help & Debt Management Solutions

If you’re worried about your finances, you’re certainly not alone. Did you know Australians carry around 1.5 times our income in outstanding debts? Other people have been in similar situations, and with quality debt relief help and debt management advice they’ve improved their financial future. Assistance from one of Australia’s most trusted debt relief companies is at hand. Our caring and experienced consultants, honest advice and specialised processes differentiate us from other debt relief companies, while our tailored debt management solutions will help you take control. On average, Debt Buster’s clients save 31% on their principal amount of debt.

Providing Expert Credit Card Debt Help & Debt Management Solutions


Debt Busters is a division of FFG Group (Aust) ABN 87 122 628 086
Australian Credit Licence 395265

COSL (The Credit Ombudsman Service)

Authorised agent for Registered Debt Agreement Administrator 1287.

End Your Financial Stress and Get Fast Debt Help Today

You may need help with debt consolidation. Maybe you’re seeking credit card debt help. Or perhaps you require fast debt help to address potential bankruptcy. Like thousands of others, you can turn things around using our debt relief service. Whether it’s help with debt negotiation, consolidation, agreements or credit file repair, our debt management services provide assistance for every situation.

Don’t be held back any longer. Take control and make the first step towards a brighter and more confident financial future by calling us now on 1300 368 322.